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Email info and helpful tips
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If you have tried to access the web mail, (Click here to open Webmail, Enter your full email address, including the part, and your password.), and still cannot log in, please call Wally here at 463-3737 between 9:30 and 12:30, Tue-Thu, and let us know -- we'll get it fixed.

If your webmail is working, but another program like Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc. is not sending or receiving properly, please scroll down this page and click on the link for changing your account settings. Follow the instructions carefully and completely. Every time we've needed to help someone troubleshoot their email problems, we've found that they skipped one or more steps or they mis-typed something.

If you are not receiving messages you were expecting, and are using an email program other than the Tele-NET Webmail, check the list of messages in the email whose subject is "Spam Report". If the message is referenced there, it is in the spam folder in your webmail.

To solve this, log in to your webmail at and click on the envelope symbol at the upper left to open the email interface. Click on "Spam" in the folder list on the left, click on the message you want to take out of the spam folder, and then click on the "No Spam" button at the top. This will move the message to your inbox.

To keep the server from mistakenly flagging emails from a sender as spam, you will need to whitelist their address. To do this, stay in the webmail program, click on the Gear symbol at the upper left to open the tools interface, and click on "Extras" in the list on the left. It will take a moment or two for the options to appear, and when they do, there will be a selection for "Whitelist". Click on this, and follow the instructions for entering email addresses to the whitelist, and mail from those senders will no longer be flagged as spam.

This and many other questions are answered in the email Help/FAQ section of the webmail, accessible by clicking on the question mark at the upper center-right of the webmail page or directly at this link: Email FAQ.


Setup Instructions:
If you need to use a different email client program, (Outlook Express, Outlook, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, etc.), we have put together a set of steps for changing your account settings here. Full account setup instructions if you want to set up a new account in your software or completely replace your current sccount settings are here. Follow ALL the steps to the letter, and you will be fine.

Please note: the new system requires that your password is at least 7 characters long. If the password we have for you was not already 7 or more characters, we have added ones at the end to make it seven characters. For example, if your password was "sunset", we have added a one to make it "sunset1"; if it was "match", we have added two ones to make it "match11".


On another note, we suggest that you look into setting up a free GMail account ( as a backup account, and providing that new address to people from whom you need to receive email (just send them an email from the new account, and they'll have your secondary address).

Having more than one email account, from different providers is like having a spare tire or spare key for your car. It allows you to keep doing what you need to do even when things aren't going perfectly on all fronts. As well as gmail, there's hotmail, yahoo, and others. They're all free, and easy to set up.



Recently we have been getting reports of customers receiving emails that are supposedly from "", and asking for your account and/or personal information.

Let us be absolutely clear regarding these email messages:




These emails are what is known as a "phishing" scam designed to get you to reveal your information to the sender who may be trying to commit identity theft. Anyone, anywhere on the Internet can "forge" a "From:" email address, making the email appear to have come from someone or somewhere it did not. Usually, our spam/virus filtering keeps these from getting through, but from time to time, some of them sneak by as the senders develop new methods of disguising themselves. If you provide the requested information, your account may be used to send spam or more phishing emails, which can lead to emails either from you individually or from the entire domain being blacklisted by receiving email servers. (In other words, the emails you send may be rejected by the addressee's server, and get bounced back to you.)

For more information about recognizing and dealing with hoax/illegitimate emails, please see this link:

As for emails from us here at Tele-NET, we will sometimes send out an email to all our subscribers, but never asking for information from you. Our emails to you are only sent as informational announcements, and never require you to provide any personal or account information. Please do not send anyone your login username or password, or any other personal information (birth date, social security number, etc.), as these can be used to commit identity theft, and make your life really miserable. We don't want that, and we're sure you don't either.

--Tele-NET Administration


Wireless Users -- Important Info -- Please Click Here


Web Mail -- Check your mail from wherever!

You can now use the web mail system to check your mail from anywhere you log on -- on vacation, visiting grandma -- anywhere you have an Internet connection. You can set your own anti-spam preferences (whitelist, blacklist, etc.), and choose the display order, colors and notification options, as well as keep a calendar with your important "to-do" items. Just go to the "Tele-NET Email" link at the top of this page, and log in with your username and password. Once logged in, click "Options", and you'll get a list of all the customizations available for each Tele-NET email account.Keep checking here for news of changes and/or system notices.

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