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     Tele-Net Internet is your solution to the gargantuan Internet providers who force-feed you their version of the Internet. You know what you want and when you want it. We're here to make it happen for you. To them, you're a number, a face lost in the crowd. With us, you're a person, someone who we can provide with excellent service, a friendly voice, and the Internet Your Way:

  • We don't filter your browsing through our server and slow you down.
  • We don't load up our pages with ads, cluttering and slowing your Internet experience. In fact, tools to prevent annoying pop-up ads are included on our CD.
  • We provide lots of useful software to make your Internet experience better, faster, and more rewarding.
  • Instant Messaging is easy. We provide a program that talks with all your contacts on AIM™, ICQ™, MSN™, Yahoo™ & IRC and even imports your contact lists.
  • We intercept viruses Before they get into your e-mail and damage your computer.
  • We use automatic spam-prevention routines to minimize junk and unsolicited e-mail.
  • We don't waste your time force-feeding you downloads you don't want. Updates are available but YOU choose whether or not you want to download them.
  • We give you access to over 30,000 discussion groups (newsgroups).
  • We listen to YOU.  We want your input. Send an e-mail. Tell us how we can make Your Internet better.
  • We give you tools and answers to keep your Internet connection and your computer running right. Utilities, hints & tips, and troubleshooting/ F.A.Q. resources to help you along.
  • With Nationwide Access you don't have to change your e-mail address when you move or travel. We go where you go.
  • You can even Earn Money or a credit toward your Internet Service.

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